iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 7 Plus repair

iPhone 7 Plus repair

Apple repairs

We are providing high quality repairs for iPhone 7 Plus with 12 months warranty. Our specialists can repair any fault within 1 hour.

We are using original (OEM) parts, or high copy from best world's manufacturers. Our high quality parts will keep your device in good working conditions. We are providing 12 months warranty

We are providing 12 months warranty on all our repairs

Our team members have more than 8 years experiance in world's market. Our engineers came from United Kingdom to provide their experience in Latvian market.

iPhone 7 Plus repair price

Price is included Taxes and labour. Repair time can be variable
65 euro - Display and touch screen replacement (Original screen from Apple) - 20 minutes
50 euro - Display and touch screen replacement (Original screen from LG) - 20 minutes
45 euro - Battery replacement (Original) - 20 minutes
35 euro - Lighting USB connector replacement - 30 minutes
40 euro - Home button replacement - 20 minutes
35 euro - Front camera replacement - 20 minutes
85 euro - Rear camera replacement - 20 minutes
30 euro - On/Off button replacement - 40 minutes
30 euro - Earpiece replacement - 20 minutes
75 euro - Rear housing replacement - 2 hours

Cracked screen - from 55 euro

Display screen replacement take about 20 minutes

iPhone not switching on - from 20 euro

One of the popular problem is when your phone is not switching on. We can quick sort this problem

Liquid damaged - from 20 euro

Quick take your phone with you and go to our repair centre. Corrosion is your enemy

iOS freezing - from 10 euro

iOS and other operation systems have errors. We can sort them

Quick discharging - from 20 euro

Our team can quick find and repair your problem with phone discharging

Camera not working - from 20 euro

If phone has some errors with camera - it must to be repaired ASAP. People are using cameras everyday. It is hard to imagine our life without instagram, facebook and TikTok
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